I thought a lot about how to texture the reconstructions and making them look good, while also making it clear, that they were reconstructions. My solution is displaying a wireframe over my reconstructions with textures.For this to work, I copied and pasted both my coffin lid and box. I renamed these copies and after selectingContinue reading “Textures”

Reconstruction of the coffin box

For the reconstruction of the coffin box I used the same file and collection as the coffin lid. I added a new cube in object mode ((Add –> Mesh –> Cube), and changed the dimensions of this cube again (x= 0.54 m, y= 1.90 m , z= 0.25 m). For the bottom I once againContinue reading “Reconstruction of the coffin box”

Reconstruction of the coffin lid

I once again copied this cleaned 3D model and opened a new general file. I started a new collection on the right hand side, by right clicking and pasting the 3D model. I also started a new collection for the reconstruction of the coffin and moved the existing cube into it and renamed it coffinContinue reading “Reconstruction of the coffin lid”

Importing 3D SfM models to Blender

The assignment for the paper is to build a reconstruction of an Egyptian coffin. We were given photographs of an existing coffin lid part. I have already build a 3D model with the photographs using Structure from Motion with Agisoft Software.The first step to building a 3D reconstruction was importing this SfM model to Blender.WhenContinue reading “Importing 3D SfM models to Blender”

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