Reconstruction of the coffin box

For the reconstruction of the coffin box I used the same file and collection as the coffin lid. I added a new cube in object mode ((Add –> Mesh –> Cube), and changed the dimensions of this cube again (x= 0.54 m, y= 1.90 m , z= 0.25 m). For the bottom I once again used my 0.3 m cube and scaled the coffin box in edit mode. I the added four loop cuts (from the toolbar on the left hand side) and moved them with the shortcut G-G. I then scaled these edges along the X axis (Image 1). After selecting all, I subdivided the coffin box four times. Then, from top view and in wireframe shading and being able to see the model of the original coffin lid, I selected the edges and scaled the along the X axis to fit the head form of the top part of the coffin (Image 2). I then selected the second row of edges at the top part to move the slightly, to create a thick edge for the coffin, before extruding selected faces inside of the coffin to create a 3D coffin box. Because the inset extrusion created faces that didn’t correspond to the outside faces, I used the loop cut tool and added non loop cuts to the inner part of the box (Image 3). While using the original coffin part and the reconstructed coffin lid, I used the knife tool in wireframe shading on the coffin lid, to create edges and faces so I could inset the faces and create holes for the fasteners to fit in. Here I once again after creating the faces, selected all four, to move all the same time, inset the slightly, extruded the into the model, then scaled them on the X axis while remembering to select Individual Origins for the Transform Pivot Point. Now both the coffin lid and the coffin box are reconstructed (Image 4).

Sources used to reconstruct the coffin:

Taylor, John H. 2009 ‘Coffins as evidence for a north-south divide in the 22nd – 25th dynasties’. In: Broekman, Gerard P. F., Demarée, R. J. and Kaper, Olaf E. (edd.) The Libyan Period in Egypt. Historical and cultural studies into the 21st – 24th dynasties: Proceedings of a conference at Leiden University, 25–27 October 2007, pp.375-415

Elias, Jonathan P. and Lupton, Carter 2018 ‘Regional identification of Late Period coffins from Northern Upper Egypt’. In: Strudwick, Helen and Dawson, Julie (edd.) Ancient Egyptian Coffins. Past–Present–Future, pp.175-184. Havertown/Oxford: Oxbow Books

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Taylor, John H. 2010 ‘Changes in the Afterlife’. In: Wendrich, Willeke (ed.) Egyptian Archaeology, pp.220-240. Chichester: Wiley-Blackwell

Image 1: Loop Cut and scale
Image 2: scaling and forming the head part of the coffin
Image 3: Loop Cuts
Image 4: reconstructed coffin lid and box

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